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a girl who is broken but still fighting for what is right in her own eyes
"That girl is such an Angel"

"Have you met Angel? She's so amazing!"

"Keep it up Angel!"
by Don't Die On Me June 24, 2017

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Bres can't be that sexual, or share any of that interest, but then all of a sudden there's that hot sexy voice with a very wrong and dirty question spoken and after that you begin to rethink all you know about Bres.
"Dang it, with a Bre around, it's hard to ignore that question."
"Wow, Bre, I never knew you could say something like that"
by Don't Die On Me November 07, 2017

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A modern dance move teenagers and young children tend to do for no reason. It's where you bring your elbow to your mouth in coughing stance with your other one extended. Don't worry, folks, it looks just as stupid as it sounds. Looks as stupid as how 17 years ago and possibly longer teenagers would put a shape of an "L" on their forehead to pick on other kids by calling them a loser. It made them feel cool and accepted but it really just made them look like a looser themselves. There's several versions of this like a so called "Tiny Dab" which looks worse than a regular one.
"How do you say dab in Spanish?"

"Everybody dab time!" *looks incredibly stupid with arm over face*
"Nobody realizes how stupid they look doing that, it's 2001 all over again!"
by Don't Die On Me July 30, 2017

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A term used to describe two people strongly in love with each other , also used to tease your friend with loving somebody else
"Dude, stop messing with her, she doesn't like you."
"Yeah you are right, she wuveth me, and I do her"
"You wuveth her, don't you?"
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by Don't Die On Me November 07, 2017

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