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Beautiful girl, sometimes crazy but fun as hell to be around, loves attention, shy at times, very sweet but can be mean when she has to be. Incredibly sexy, loyal, and intelligent. Her body is to die for. She is bootylicious. Every guy seems to be drawn to her and not just because of her amazing ass-ets. She can be feisty but that's one of the many reasons why you will love her. She is easy to talk to, funny, honest, and has a beautiful smile and a big heart, definitely someone you wouldn’t want to loose.
by Jonathon Byers May 15, 2018
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She is so fucking pretty!! She is shy but is nice after you meet her. She always try to be in a good mood but get her mad you gon regret what you did. She got a good body!! it is bootylicious
Y'all should get you an anesa
did you see Anesa walking down the halls today???
by Tribbithy June 07, 2018
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An ugly cracker who got no friends, no bars, and sucks on crusty toes. Did I mention she ugly.
YO FATIMA!! I spotted a WILD ANESA. Don't get to close. I heard if u get to close that her ugliness can kill you.
by ANESA IS UGLY.COM November 23, 2016
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The exact definition of a bitch and a slut combined
Oh look she's spreading rumors again.

Anesa S is a girl who;s desperate for attention and will stop at nothing
by djawiudhuih2ie2iu2ehwq November 01, 2018
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