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The term used to describe the ingestion or consumption of alcohol via the bum hole. This process drastically increases the effects of alcohol, and is incredibly dangerous.
I only have a two ounce bottle of rum to drink tonight, guess i'm gonna have to do Aners.
by Shitchard Billington February 24, 2011
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1. wannarexics disguised as anons in ED support sites, primarily every single one I go to and its annoying. go home.

2. silly girls that pretend to have an eating disorder for one reason or another and choose to remain anonymous while doing so.
Word: "I'm so tired of all these stupid aners taking over chatango!!"
Bish: "its a freakin epidemic. you know they eat!"
Word: "yeah, lets tell them whats good."
Bish: "get out my chat room, aner!!"
Word: "lololol bahahhhahah buh bye!"
Bish: "what time is it?"
Word: "aner banning time."
by BISHME April 06, 2011
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