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An amazingly down-to-earth gal. A very sweet and beautiful girl. Usually has a wonderful smile and very pure eyes.

A Sex God! Is typically an amazing kisser.
Can get any guy she wants just by the use of her words.

Is a great dancer and has a great booty.

Is typically in a relationship, but is very loyal, and very trustworthy.

If you see an Aneleise walking somewhere, single, you better attack that ride.
Man, your definitely looking for an Aneleise. If you can find one thats availible, you want to go for her.
by Pillowpet321 July 13, 2011
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A graceful gal. Very religious. Usually very artistic. However usually becomes a stripper, or a professional stripper-line-saying-maker.
X:Dude, last week I went to church, painted a picture, became a stripper and had some sweet intros.
Y:That is so Aneleise of you.
by lalalalala999 February 24, 2009
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