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A tall girl with long legs, long hair, an amazing smile, brown eyes and a banging body. The type of gal that's mysterious and shy. She'll make just about any guy daydream about being with her.
"Did Andri just pass by?" "Yes, my God she's beautiful"
by James Vasquez December 25, 2012
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A tall, dark, handsome Icelandic male with green eyes and a small scar on his eyebrow above his left eye who wears striped sweaters and t-shirts with interesting screen graphics, and has good taste in music and girls.
That guy is tall and Icelandic; he must be an andri.
by messyjessie50 January 01, 2010
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To be constantly late for any planned event. Never on time.
"We should've taken off hours ago! Why are you andrising the situation?"
by fuccboiCarlos March 04, 2017
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
He's a really weird person, even if he says he isn't.
He's normally a huge fan of any franchise he likes and is willing to die for them.

He can also be a real pain sometimes
Your such an Andri
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by idkwhat to put as my name January 19, 2019
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Noun. A rabid squirrel that runs around in the dark and stores optics in its cheeks. Has absentminded tenancies and can be identified by its crazy physics hair. May also have a nearby stash of useless gadgetry, often kept in the ceiling tiles.
The Andri could be spotted popping in and out of its squirrel cave.

The Andri is often hunted by Billys whose weapon of choice is the inflated latex glove.

The Andri can be observed in its natural habitat, being bossed around by its offspring.
by E M and E August 09, 2008
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A super awesome girl who likes DSLRs and being a director. She has long hair and will kill you if you speak a vulgarity in front of her. She hates sick jokes too.
Is that Andris? She is AWESOME ANDRIS. XD
by WoShiiApplePie February 20, 2011
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The asian Andri. He is obsessed with any franchise he likes. (Eg. Like uh... Pokèmon?) he would only ever be attracted to people who like all the same things he does. He also can be somewhat of a weeb. at one point in his life he will be shot down and become depressed. if u r one of his friends and let him be like this. WTF R U DOING. anyways... He can also be quite the rad person (Asian Andri can be female) he can get quite edgy and will wear jackets all the time by the time he's 13.

•chances are he'll like dc more than marvel.

•He'll get injured ALOT
•he's also "NO GOOD"
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by idkwhat to put as my name April 03, 2019
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