A hot, sexy, nice, sweet, funny, athletic, smart, most likely blonde or brunette, intelligent, and a great kisser. She is a truthful and amazing friend. She sticks to what she thinks and stands for. Rarely mean, only sweet. At most times she is shy but she is a type of person who thinks a lot. And last, an amazing girlfriend and lover.
Andrea is truely amazing.
by pokpok13 January 07, 2012
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She has a gorgeous smile. Beautiful laugh. She is super funny but she can be very rude when on her bad side .very loyal to her boyfriend. Great at motherhood but if you mess with her family she will snap ur neck. Stands up for who she is and all her friends. She tends to have a butt and big boobs. But she is shy when you first meet her but she will suduce you if she likes you. If u have a Andrea hold on to her forever because you will never have a bad bitch like her in a life time .
Boy:hey who is that she is funny and pretty

Girl : oh that's Andrea Gomez that's my best friend

Boy:she gorgeous ask her out for me
by Dora1126 March 25, 2017
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Usually an incredibly beautiful girl who is warm-hearted, has an incredible sense of humor, may seem air-head, but would easily kick your ass at academics, you would most likely fall in love with her at first sight, everything about her is likeable, in essence is the perfect girl anyone could possibly have and everyone wishes they had and usually goes well with a Daniel. :D
Guy 1: do you believe in love at first sight?
Guy 2: yes, I just saw Andrea over there.
Guy 1: AHA! so you do!
Guy 2: i'll be right back, gonna go talk with her.
by Shadowman667 February 01, 2012
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the most seriously kick-ass and vain man ever but in a very good way, we should all hope to be as vain as him, in the same funny way.

If you were not called Andreas you probably wanted to be.
Andreas is father to urban writer and he is a great guy, generally amazing.
by Toothpaste Salad January 22, 2009
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The girl you always want to get with, but never seem to meet her standards. She is a tease, and keeps you wanting more. If you do end up with her (LUCKY BASTARD), she is an amazing kisser. This girl dreams big, and knows what she wants.
by Emily Forest May 19, 2015
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The sweetest, coolest, best looking person ever. She is a really good friend and a really good lover. Probably the best person ever known. She is someone to be remembered. A person not to mess with cause she'll make you feel stupid...so don't test her. She is good at everything and loves being a mother....She especially loves hanging out with cool people that start with the name L......so if your name starts with L and you know an Andrea you guys are pretty much best friends...you should get to know an Andrea because you will be SO happy you did.
" your being such an ANDREA, and I love it"
by tbtbac February 03, 2010
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