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A common misspelling of "antsy" which means you feel like you have ants crawling on you.
Ralph was feeling ancy from sitting still too long. Incorrect.
Ralph was feeling antsy from sitting still too long. Correct.
by Fnowrrd February 01, 2007
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A mood, which is a mix of being anxious, uneasy, and bored. You are typically ancy when expecting something pleasurable and exciting to happen or just expecting something to happen in general, but you're sitting on your ass somewhere very uneasy, unable to sleep, unable to eat, and unable to sit still and pouting in your head that it hasn't happened. For Example: Your friends are gonna pick you up and take you to roll up at a lit ass party, but they taking for ever, so you sit there anxious, bored as hell, filled with anger and expectancy towards something very specific just not coming through, and feeling very.. well.. Ancy! It's not a common feeling, but kind of similar to feeling worried, but over something less serious like expecting something to happen..
-Honey, do you want dinner ??

-Nah momz, I don't feel like eating I'm ancy as fuck waiting for my girl to call me..

-Cuss at me again, bitch!
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by exploding air plane 6969 September 03, 2017
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