6 definitions by Sanguine Pendulum

Posting something from the internet for the sole purpose to make one angry or rage
Dude stop posting ragefuel or I’ll ban you.
by Sanguine Pendulum March 15, 2022
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A person who displays terribly annoying qualities.
Dude stop being an ancap.
by Sanguine Pendulum August 19, 2020
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Non existent, void, lacking in physical form
Bro your mic is trash.
Yeah it's like Owen's microphone.
by Sanguine Pendulum May 31, 2018
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A photo, video or body of text which is explicitly NSFW, consisting either nudity, gore, fedposting or any combination. Typically violating some form of TOS.
Hey Michael just posted a man getting impaled by a rod.
Oh he's shedposting again? I'll just ban him.
by Sanguine Pendulum August 19, 2020
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A collection of stupass people.
In other words, a collection of idiots
Dumbass: (to a group of people) Yo squad fam let’s go to the park to smoke weed
Normal person: (watching them) Look at all those stupasses
by Sanguine Pendulum January 30, 2018
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