I went down the dirt road last night with Samantha it was anazing!!!
by Marky J July 13, 2013
Something that is better than Amazing, unique, fun, cool, and more. It’s kinda the same like amazing but better.
“That’s one anazing Noah Schnapp merch!”
“Yep! It’s so anazing.”
by Fredrick Yellow is the best November 28, 2020
A combination of Anal and Amazing often used to describe a somewhat rear-related sexual encounter.
SUE: "You heard about what Joey did to Jack?"

ELLEN: "Isn't Joey gay?"

SUE: "Yes. And Jack said it was ANAZING."
by zoecou March 10, 2014
Anaz is someone that cares for people and tries his best to not hurt their feelings especially to the one he loves.

But he easily gets hurt by the one that he loves.
Girl, oh my god you are so like anaz!!!!
by MokieMok December 27, 2017
External anal gems, similar to va-jazled when gems are placed around the vagina.
Her ass was fancy, anazaled and all.
by industrialboi242 January 15, 2017