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Adjective used locally in West Central Scotland. Describes a grotesque, humourless, infantile individual devoid of personality and life experience, able only to impress through remarkably unbeleivable lies. Subjects are normally ignored.
That bint is a right anary.
by Eiinoom March 26, 2008
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Anary. Basically a Girl, of course. Shes charming. Sometimes is stylish. Smart. Has a lot of friends. Shes also a kpop fan. crazy kpop fan. Shes very organized, she has rights for everyone. Shes maybe fearless, dont hurt her. You might need an Anary someday. Cheers
Girl : Wheres that kpop girl ?
Girl 2 : Shes there! Anary!
by whosthisbythewayhaaa November 07, 2018
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