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Kingdom in northern Magnamund, southeast of the Stornlands, bordering on Slovia and Dessi. Unusually for this particular fantasy world, Anari is a republic, with an at least nominally democratic political structure. It is run by an elected council, although this seems to be dominated by the merchant families. The capital is Tahou.

Beneath the city there are buried the ruins of an earlier version of the city of Zaaryx, populated by flesh-eating Ghouls and the mysterious reptilian Crocaryx.

It appears mainly in Lone Wolf 9: The Cauldron of Terror, in which Lone Wolf has to find a way to get into the cauldron which leads down into the ruins, where one of the Lorestones is hidden. He has to do this with or without the support of the Council. At the time, Anari is at war, with three separate armies - two from the Darklands and another from Vassagonia - converging on Tahou. The gamebook culminates in a siege and battle in the city, in which Lone Wolf must defeat Zakhan Kimah to secure a temporary victory for Anari before allied forces arrive.

Anari is again attacked by the Darklords during the period of Lone Wolf's absence, while he is in the Dazhiarn Plane.
The population of Anari are evacuated ahead of the invasion, although most of the men have apparently been conscripted (suggesting allusions to Jacobin political methods). However, the basic model for Anari seems to be the medieval city-states.

It is therefore appropriate that Tahou is the only major city in the republic.
by Andy May 05, 2004
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