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Name. Has different meanings, amongst which "mercy", "grace" and "orange tree".
Usually a female name.
"Hey, Anani, what's up, bro?"
"I got paired with a girl in the dorm yesterday. Must be the name..."
by have_some_pizza June 02, 2009
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Ananis is a person that loves her best friend and is very sorry for pissing her off🤧but just know she still loves you no matter what!!!
Ananis-I’m sorry
Best friend-I don’t even wanna see your face
by Oh lord yay July 21, 2019
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she is a girl you should keep by your side because she is so loyal, amazing, smart, kind, and beautiful. No matter how many times you fuck her over she will still be there no matter only if you're on her good side. Make sure you don't make her mad because u will regret it very soon because she will kill you and she won't care what trouble she gets into. Overall she is, in fact, the best person you will ever meet in your life. You will have the greatest memories with her and the greatest laughs because that girl is hella goofy. Also if u have ger don't let go because u will end up feeling empty and wanting her back. All you have to know is if you come over a girl named ananis make sure to treat her right and became her best friend and you won't regret it
p.s shes not fake like other people your friends with and that girl loves being around people only if they not annoying.
she also likes food, movies, and adventures.

Ananis-*walks by*
A girl- *whispers dude she's fucking annoying*
Ananis-*hears her and walks to her* listen bitch, you don't wanna start problems with me but either way I could care less about your opinion
by Oh lord yay July 23, 2019
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She is so ugly!!!! And stupid and ewwww
Everyone-ewwww look at her
Ananis- yessssss I know
by Oh lord yay July 12, 2019
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She’s a girl that won’t leave your side no matter how much u broke her heart and she is crazy asf if u make her mad
Ppl- omg she’s crazy bro
Ananis-I know
by Oh lord yay July 12, 2019
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