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I got a bad case of analitis.

I went to the doctor for some butt pain and he confirmed that I've come down with a bad case of analitis.

Mike: Hey, remember when we mooned Lisa last week?

Tony: Yes.

Mike: She later told me that your anus didn't look to healthy.

Tony: Ya, I've got a bad case of analitis.
by la the bright man March 20, 2010
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The act of constantly over-analyzing any and every issue you can think of, to the point of total redundancy.
Richard: "So how did you sleep?"
Amber: "Not too well. After you left the analitis kicked in and I was up 'till 4 a.m."
Richard: "Guess they don't make a cream for that, huh?"
Amber: "Nope."
by Ambard March 20, 2006
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