A hollow cylindrical tool that is used to dilate one's anus for various sexual purposes. Commonly used for smoothly inserting objects into the rectum cavity. The use of lubrication is recommended.
Most commonly a generic PVC pipe of numerous diameters, depending on one's tolerance for the dilation of the anus.

Can also be used in combination with a funnel at one end; allowing for a second person to shit inside of the anal dilator, then quickly remove the tube. This allows for the person with the dilated anus to actually shit another person's shit.
by kingKracka February 4, 2010
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An physiological test to detect recent forced opening of the anus. Used chiefly on by police to tell if a suspect has placed contraband in their anus, or if a child has been sexually abused. The buttocks are spread lightly apart by to see if the anal sphincter opens after or with the spreading of the buttocks. If so, anal breaching has likely occurred.
As part of his recording contract, Justin Bieber has to pass an anal dilatation test. This time when he bent over in front of the doctors and lawyers, a doctor disappeared! Bieber got a D+, for that one.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic December 4, 2010
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