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Karen: The CDC says we can stop wearing ma
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by Callmemaybe69 May 14, 2021
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Amore is a pretty, athletic girl. She loves to have fun. She does her very best to exceed expectations. She is the best at what she does. Amore is a loving soul that loves life. She loves the summer weather as much as she does winter. Amore can make you smile on the worst days. She is very picky when it comes to food and clothes. People recognize Amore's friendliness at first glance due to her natural beauty. Sometimes Amore can be negative at times but her intentions are never ill. Amore will be your best friend, and she will always spice up life!
My best friend is Amore, she is the reason I make it through the school days!
by *****UNKNOWN***** December 08, 2017
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A very beautiful girl with a nice bum and normal sized boobs. She is extremely funny and is friendly to everyone apart from enemies. She is strong inside and out. She is normally associated with porn because of her sexual name...But when you meet her you will fall in love.
Amoré is so beautiful, im so jealous!!
by Turnnn uppp March 13, 2016
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From Greek; Amor'e is everything girls ever dreamed of having. To be Amor'e is to be more than pimp dizzle, it transcends mere mortality.
If I were a girl, I would love to get boned by Amor'e.
by AIAmor July 12, 2006
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An Amore is a pretty ass girl with hips,curves, and a big butt dont try to trigger her or she'll cuss you out or fight you she is exotic and listens to all types of music and she will tell it how it is an amore is very aggresive female with a bitch face and a cute face she is also very petty and she likes to laugh a lot she will also makes jokes about her friends or strangers and often make people laugh when doing so she is powerful and stnda up to anybody and it wont even matter if she knows him/her an amore has multiple personalitys and likes men and women she is mean on the inside and often cusses alot but its okay she is only joking around
Damn amor'e is so funny i wish she she was my sister!!
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by Chris fine af April 03, 2017
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