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at first we all felt laughed at him, then the initial humour gace way to pity, shortly after, that gave way to annoyance.
come on...bringing him back on th show was bad enough, but th cd??!! what the fff???
see also: 1.15 mins of fame expired
2.Idol producers are homo
1."fuckin' william hung"-expressed in anger
by Camdaddy February 4, 2005
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passionate;erotic;full of love or affection;

from the latin word amor(love)
by Camdaddy December 1, 2003
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a female who is, as the french might say "Extremely Unattractive", except in a french accent. This female also has the personality of a public toliet.
dean - "hey man, ur girlfriend is an absolute stang!"
zach - "thats a horrible thing to say about ur mother, dean."
by Camdaddy November 16, 2004
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candid camera style program in which celebrities have practical jokes played on them, and Ashton Kutcher yells loudly, makes an anus of himself and wears trucker hats slightly off centre.Funny, apart from "Kutch's" raving antics.
1."watch out, yo' gunna get punk'd"
2."i cannot be gotten!noone punk's th master!"
3."im Ashton Kutcher..(slight static edit)..and tonight..(static edit)..people gunna get punk'd!..(static edit)"
by Camdaddy February 4, 2005
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a classically trained actor. appearing in such timeless films as: Bio-Dome, Jury Duty, Son in Law, and Encino Man.
ok...so Encino Man was funny, but th rest was shite and his career seriously disapeared.anyway, i hear he died so its all ok now.
PHIL - "what ever haa-ppened to paw-lee shorr, buuuddy?"
ME - "he was shot repeatedly in the face, apparently"
by Camdaddy February 4, 2005
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variety of meanings:
1.the wish to engage in sexual intercourse with an individual.
2.the desire to beat an individual senseless.
3. a substitute for blasphemy.
1."man, id love to schmick her goo right about now!"
2."if that guy doesnt stop making discriminative comments about me and my fellow Amish brothers...im gunna schmick his goo with a large plank of wood!"
3."well schmick my goo! thats a surprise!"
by Camdaddy November 16, 2004
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Scientific term: The tearing of the erectile tissue in the penis. This may rupture the vas deferens, thus causing impotence and infertility.
Most commonly used as an insult to those who are iritating f**ks!
1."F**k off Adam you cocksnap!"
2."Adam, if you don't stop being an arrogant knob, I'll give you a cocksnap!"
by Camdaddy December 1, 2004
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