A beautiful young women with a great personality and an amazing humor.
She is so Amiyah
by Otisspunkmore April 11, 2015
Amiyah is a smart and kind person. Amiyah has a unique personality. Amiyah is fun , loving , kind , artistic, Athletic. Amiyah is a outstanding person. Amiyah is a forgiving person. Amiyah is truly a beautiful person. Amiyah never leaves no one behind. Amiyah is a great team player. Amiyah is a great person to keep around. Amiyah is the life of the party. Amiyah is out going. Amiyah would get some haters because how pretty she is. Amiyah has a lot of boys that foes crazy over her. A lot of the boys has crushes on her. Amiyah is very dedicated her education. Amiyah is a amazing person. Amiyah loves pets. Amiyah has your back. Amiyah is very creative and thoughtful. Amiyah would make a great BFF,girlfriend and wife. Everyone is friends with Amiyah and if your not then your crazy. Amiyah would grown to be a strong independent woman with loving friends to support her. Amiyah has big dreams for her future. Amiyah stays up for people who are getting bully. Amiyah can make any situation better. Amiyah gives great advice to those who need it. Amiyah is always their when you need her the most. Amiyah is a wonderful person and hard to dislike. Amiyah is just a amazing person words can’t explain how good friend she is.
Person 1 : Amiyah always been kind

Person 2 : i know
by Kerrisjkgj July 9, 2018
If your names is Amiyah, well your a gorgeous person and probably shy but if you are, you'll get over it. Your perfect and smart and a loveable person even if you don't know it.
Teacher: Class there's a new girl name Amiyah
Student 1: She sounds like a cool person
by Amiyah_14 October 6, 2017
She is a Beautiful Girl who everyone loves she always have the spotlight that’s why a lot of people are jealous but if she sees you as a friend she will help you find the spotlight you been missing also she is not no Queen she’s a goddess she is more then a Queen with a crown all the Queens look up to her she is so amazing I don’t even think she’s human but one thing she plays hard to get she will say I hate you but she really loves you and one person is gonna understand and might even find adorable all her friends find her as a incredible lady she can get crazy infection she’s really crazy she just likes to hide that away so I wouldn’t mess with her she is better then a Queen anyway and is one of the most hottest girls
Girl1-hey is that Amiyah

Boy1-she is really pretty

Girl1- she’s is my bestfriend And she slays

Boy1-I can tell
by The_thru July 31, 2018
Amiyah’s are the kindest,georgeous and most fashionable person you’ll ever meet.she can be really shy at times and a little awkward but she’s and amazing friend she she isn’t a queen because she’s a fricken goddess and many queens look up to her she is the most fashionable person in the ENTIRE world she knows how to SLAY. Every time she walks in a room she captivates everyone with every move and every word true beauty emanates from this girl from the deepest part of her soul to everything she touches , you can always count on Amiyah she knows how to catch you when you fall and pick you right back up, if you ever have the blessing to have her in your life DO NOT LET HER GO ir you will STONGLY regret it
Person 1: « wow who’s that girl over there she’s SLAYING »

Person 2: oh that’s amiyah the most fashionable girl in school

Person 1: wow she should honestly be a model
by AMIYAH January 1, 2019
Very loving , caring & very sporty ! Loved everyone with all her heart ! A Amiyah is someone who doesn’t cry in front of people only when she’s really going through it ! She’s very shy & always scared to express their feelings towards people !
Amiyah is so caring
by The best Urban Dictionary October 22, 2019