Someone who has a phone and a facebook account and posts comments all day long. A researcher knows everything about every topic under the sun. There is nothing that he/she doesn't know about.
Danny: Hey it's been long since I saw Johnny last time.
Cris: He is a researcher on facebook nowadays.
by stepbrotherofgoogle April 14, 2020
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A paedophile. The term originates from Chris Langham's court defense when charged with downloading child pornography summer 2007. Langham claimed the images were downloaded as research for a charachter in a comedy sketch show he was writing.
He had to stop teaching primary school after he was outed as a researcher
by Hamilton Cork August 26, 2007
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To watch youtube videos made by some self-appointed, conspiracy of the month guru, that align with your already fantastical world view. The closer these videos are to what you already believe the better and any divergence in thought is viewed with deep suspicion. Reading actual scientific papers and websites is never research since they may contain weird symbols known as math (most likely is some kind of satanic script) and everyone knows all scientists work for the Illuminati anyway.
I researched flat earth enough to know it is true and you're not going to convince me otherwise.
Look, bro, all I'm asking is that you do the research yourself. I'll send you some youtube vids.
by ClearZ June 18, 2020
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When you're gonna Jack it but don't wanna out right mention it
"What's her name... for research?"
by ParaplegicPotato November 23, 2016
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To become an expert on something after having done a Google search and 10 minutes reading on the internet.
Doctor, I have eczema. I've done some research and I'm sure it's from heavy metal poisoning from the mercury in my filings.
by mizanthrop September 13, 2014
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saying your going to wank but discreetly
person A: im going to do some research

person B: well clean up afterwords you disgusting basterd
by zyroid March 5, 2016
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