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Seth MacFarlane's other, less popular cartoon creation. It had a rough start, but has been increasing in quality each season, mostly because they eased up on the dumb political humor and came up with some outrageous storylines with jokes that are actually relevant to the plot.
American Dad is to Family Guy as Futurama is to the Simpsons.
by mowub February 12, 2009
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An adult animated series created by Everett Peck, based on his underground comic of the same name. It starred Jason Alexander ("Seinfeld") as the title character, a foul-mouthed, perverted duck detective. Contains possibly the most bizarre animation that ever aired on TV, thanks to the folks at Klasky-Csupo. It ran 70 episodes over 4 seasons on the USA Network during the 90s, and was recently released on DVD.
I'm just one more duck detective who works with a pig and lives with the twin sister of his dead wife, three sons on two bodies and a comatose mother-in-law who's got so much gas she's a fire hazard. - Duckman
by mowub September 03, 2009
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The show that single-handedly redeemed Cartoon Network. Created by CH Greenblatt (aka Fred Fredburger), it takes place in the wildly colorful Marzipan City, featuring all kinds of imaginative creatures, all named after food. The main character, Chowder, is a purple cat-bear-rabbit-thing, who is an apprentice for Chef Mung Daal, a strange blue man. There's also Shnitzel, a big rock monster who only says "radda" but is still cool in some way. The whole show is like an acid trip, and features humor that appeals to children AND adults.
Chowder is one of the best recently created cartoons.
by mowub February 12, 2009
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