The perfect girl for you.Everything you look for in a girl.She is just beautiful
You are my Ambrosia
by Dinisia923 April 4, 2019
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The sweetest girl you'll ever meet.
Ambrosia was an apple
by Astridoki August 9, 2019
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A very high potent strain of kush. Known for it's high THC levels. Ambrosia gives a clear high.
Dude I got so high off of that ambrosia.
by KushKid91 March 21, 2008
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A person who will make you question everything. They can be funny, but also sad. They will always try to help you in any way they can. They are also the best mother's.
I'm so glad to know an ambrosia.
by Dandanthedustpanman January 26, 2019
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Ambrosia is almost always an Aries girl. Ambrosia is a fighter but also a lover. She gets bored of push over relationships. She is short, has blue eyes, curly brown hair, a large shoe size. Sexually in charge, always the one on top making the decisions. Ambrosia is athletic with a small tone body. She is gentle with friends and family and is very protective of them. NOT A MORNING PERSON!
Ambrosia is never afraid of her words. She is highly attractive, and dates guys who can keep up with her crazy ass standards. Ambrosia loves to work with the special needs children and adults. Ambrosia is a major maverick. She loves everything rough.
"Dude, Ambrosia rocked my world last night"

"Hey Watson! Are you and ambrosia a thing now, she's the man"
by realmature December 2, 2013
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Another word for Marmite.

The food of the gods.
Oh baby! Pass me the Ambrosia, it's breakfast time!

and so, once again, (for the Umptillionth time,) the gods dined on Ambrosia and Nectar
by Naked Henry May 13, 2005
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