A customer who thinks that all websites should adopt Amazon's sales tactics, such as free 2-day shipping on anything they buy. (Alludes to Amazon brainwashing people into thinking that all websites should offer what they offer).
This Amazombie gave my online store a bad rating because he thinks he shouldn't have to pay for shipping!
by Shopkeeper August 10, 2017
A shopping personality disorder; A person who relies on Internet shopping sites for all purchases. A person who becomes a shut in waiting for overnight deliveries. A person who never steps into a shopping mall when they know they can order anything online.
"Bob is a total Amazombie, he ordered a mountain bike online."

"Claire is such an Amazombie, she considers the delivery people as her personal shoppers."
by FarFromThinken July 17, 2009
A person who belongs to Amazon Prime and places orders without really thinking it through.
My daughter-in-law is an Amazombie. On some days, she receives 10 or 12 separate shipments through Amazon Prime.
by Bambi Bonay July 27, 2016
An employee of Jeff Bezos's online Wal-Mart. Commonly seen in shambling around Lake Union, or in any Seattle Whole Foods, moaning about their first world problems. Gets paid 6 figures for a job a high schooler could do. Typically a supervisor with no concept of reality, or a socially inept code-monkey. Treats everyone around them like slaves, and berates them for "Terrible customer service" when they fail to live up to impossible expectations .
Jim used to be cool, but he turned into a complete amazombie after he got hired as Assistant Word Salad Supervisor.
by BarfBench February 10, 2015