The most loyal man you’ll meet. He is that one guy making a come-up, and when he does become successful everybody looks at him and says wait that’s Amauris!
Damn, Amauris lowkey one of the smartest people I’ve met.
by HadingAdooISeeYou! November 29, 2018
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the guy that always thinks hes not good enough when he is to others. the guy that always fights for what he wants. the guy that works alot. the guy who struggles the most but still conquer the situations. the guy who always wants to make you happy. the guy who shows you the real you. and the one who will always be there for you even when you dont expect it.
My babies who name is amaury
by honeybuns luna February 7, 2020
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Amaury is the kind of man that always remembers to treat you like a lady, super hot and completely a mans man. Funny and full of one liners, he brightens any conversation he joins. Many women lust after Amaury but he is always a one woman man. Lucky is she who get's to be his one woman, and those who had a shot but let it pass them by are forever sorry they missed out on the experience.
Girl...did you see Amaury, he is so hot!!!

Yes, but you know he's all about his woman right? Better no mess with that!!!
by chuli February 4, 2010
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A beautiful smart young lady who is very joyful,creative,funny,brave,kind, and likable.
My best friend is Amauri.
by LovelyGIrl29 February 25, 2017
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Someone named amaurie will be kind and strong sometimes they can be a little pig headed and stubborn but it’s all worth it in the end they can have a lot of pent up emotion and feel as though no one understands them. He/she will also have a beautiful figure and take most of there looks for granted
“Has anybody seen amaurie lately,she’s so beautiful I wish she’d see for herself”
by Junghel April 5, 2018
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An Amaury is a french man. He is almost old, but not yet.

There are different types of Amaury but it is usually a musician, a dreamer, an adventurer, a loving guy and a smart and sexy dude.

You can easily recognise an Amaury : you just have to look for the loud laughing man who stays outside for smoking and buys drinks to his friends during parties.

Tips to tame an Amaury :

- scratch his back
- play some music
- kiss his cheek

- give him some beer
- I met a strange boy, he has some sweat on his ass
- does he smell good though?
- yes, do you know what it is ?
- it was definitely an Amaury !
by arya51 February 8, 2020
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Amaury means sweet, or kind. This is a name of a female, name can get mixed with the male name of Amury, who is smart and people can depend on them. Amaury's are usually athletic or is involved in lots of positive things. They are most likely role models and have good leadership. Did you know... Amaury in Africa means strong/ beautiful? So, if you ever come across an Amaury, have them the same respect as they give you. Amaury can be spelled, Amari, Omari, or even Amauri(I recently found out).
Oh my goodness, you gave that homless person $1,000! That is so Amaury of you!
by what's your handle bruhh March 27, 2018
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