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The intelligent and gorgeous girl. Who's mentality is mature as hell. Likes to eat any time of the day. Has different issues in her life, but overcomes them. Focuses on her future and gives no fucks.
There goes Amariah!
by b10n1cr3tard February 26, 2017
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A girl who’s supper strong and fights for what she believes in, she never backs down. Amariah is very rare, find it? Keep her! She’s never lost a fight, and if she dosss she always gets revenge. Amariah is a very beautiful and exotic girl.
Amariah? She’s sweetsometimes.
by alittleknownfact April 20, 2018
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Amariah is these words lit cute funny fun smart laidback. Amariah is going to laugh with u. Amariahs are silly and hardworking at the same time. Party with an Amariah. Trust me Im pretty sure you can tell Amariah almost anything and she will understand. #thebestisamariah also Amariahs are________well go find one and find out.
Amariah youramazimg
by Wayupthere February 06, 2018
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Amariah is the most beautiful girl you will ever find. Amariah’s are very rare so if you see an Amariah, ask her out right away. Amariah is a gentle, caring, and loving girl. If you date her there will be no regrets.
“That’s such an Amariah!”
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by HeartBroken4Life May 27, 2019
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A girl who is very beautiful and usually lives in a state like Oregon. Amariahs are really good friends, and really good mothers. They tend to make good caregivers for others' children.
Amariah took really good care of Cooper today.
by chelleybelly February 05, 2010
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Is a Hebrew name for a Smart Boy , with a big dick and out going personality.. HE is Smart, Handsome, Loving and very attractive! to know someone with the name amariah is to have someone you can trust for anything and everything. will be a friend/ partner for life.
-Amariahs are typically african boys-

Hi Amariah, Your a cool "DUDE".
Hi Amariah, Your a cool "DUDE".
by Mr GUmbeze August 13, 2019
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