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The Name "Amare'" is an acient Egyptian Queen Name so she was named after a Queen but only if her name ends with E and has an accent because she was named after the Godess RE' And its ama RE' she is creative cute as ever! And has a wonderful name and there is Quite a bit of boys that want her... Don't mess with her she don't play fake people and she is Admired by MANY others!
Uh oh Watch out guys "Amare'" is coming!!
by Nicki_Smith123 April 26, 2015
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A guy that is a great listener and is friendly to all people. Has a great personality but is not really the center of attention in a room. Can be very determined and focused when he really cares about something .. but can also be super lazy😅 . They make the best boyfriends because of their loving hearts and great personality .
I saw Amare at the baseball game yesterday and he had me dying laughing
by Stufezjsvrd June 12, 2017
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Cute usually, flirtatious but not always on purpose. Athletic, a loving guy who cares about everyone but doesn’t mind to tell you how it is if it’s needed. A great listener and a great person to ask for advice from. Usually athletic, if you ever meet one their usually looking happy or trying to be funny, but if he’s ever in a relationship then that means he probably spent a lot of time testing the girl to make sure he found the one.
I talked to Amare yesterday he was cracking me up
by Alexus5464 November 21, 2018
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forward for the new york knicks, and soon to be nba finals mvp. its only a matter of time
yo the knicks are winning it all this year and you KNOW amare is gonna be finals mvp
by knicksman March 12, 2011
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A boy with a huge dick. He is very tall and very lazy as he is yet goofy and funny. Amare knows how to treat girls as he is very protective over his family and friends and loved ones.
Amare is very romantic.
by BlackBoa April 12, 2019
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An Amare makes an amazing friend. He’s usually very smart and cute. They usually play a lot of sports, mostly basketball. They also usually are very flirtacious and don’t do it on purpose. They’ll smile at you and make you feel amazing. They’ll always stand up for what they think is right and care deeply for their friends. If an Amare begins to date someone it usually means that that person has gained their trust. They don’t date very often. Overall an Amare is a great person to talk to and a great friend to have.
You: Who’s that guy. He’s really cute.

Friend: Well that’s Amare of course!
by ILoveUrbanDictionary69 September 23, 2018
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