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Coral is sweet, loving, and very athletic and adventurous. She is very very beautiful and has tons of friends. Everyone loves being around Coral. Coral is funny and sexy.
When Coral walks into a room, all girls are jealous
by HappyPalmTree November 29, 2015
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The most gorgeous, loving, funny and beautiful girly out will ever meet.. She is so astoundingly sexy, every guy she meets falls for her, she loves to party all night long! Corals usually tend to have perfect bums and hands
Corals I her underwear again with a bottle of vodka!!!!
by Coco coco June 11, 2015
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to be Rick Grimes son after Coral killed his mother
Rick: Why dont crabs give to charity?
Coral: Stop
Rick: Because they are shellfish.
(rick gets VERY close)
by meaty-mc'stein-son August 02, 2014
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An amazing girl with beautiful long hair and green or blue eyes. This person is known for her unique name and cheery personality. She has a huge sense of humor and loves to party. This type of person is someone hard to get because all of the boys are asking her out. Not only Coral is known for her beauty she's known for her kindness and talent. This girl will sweep you away with her bright eyes and voice
Coral is so nice.

Omg there's Coral.

Look at Coral.

Her hair is so long!

Oh my God she sings so Good
by Gabby jones March 28, 2016
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a nice prude girl who you would love to hang out with because shes sooo amazing!!!!!!
Damn she is nice she must be Coral or a prude
by blackman457 April 14, 2010
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One who is willing to party, in your pants...and like it!!!Usually an awsome person to love, and worth hanging out with!!Not lik usual girls tho...shes SUPER COOL!!!!
"Woah, is that Coral...oh my fucking god yes"

"What?!?!?Coral can't come, oh man but i bought new underwear!!!'sorry man'"

"OH BOIIIIII, that girl is the f'ing shit...Coral?!?!HOLY FUCK"

by OPKE August 03, 2008
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