If u ever meet a 'Coral' make sure u appreciate her because shes the most sweetest, most prettiest, most loyal person you'd ever meet in your life time. Coral is extremely intelligent and you can't have a better friend than her, She will pick u up when your down. She will make you happy when you're sad and she'll be there for you most importantly! She can be a little competative but she will never give up on you or anything else! (Prounounced Core- Al)
'Isn't Coral lovely?'

'Are Coral and Sherry called 'Cherry'?
'Coral is the best!!!'
by Sherry Loves Food April 8, 2018
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Coral is what Rick would call you after 5 seasons of being with him.
"Coral! Theres a walker behind you!"
"No Dad its Carl!"
Coral: *face palms*
by uglyazznoodlehead March 10, 2015
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Coral is sweet, loving, and very athletic and adventurous. She is very very beautiful and has tons of friends. Everyone loves being around Coral. Coral is funny and sexy.
When Coral walks into a room, all girls are jealous
by HappyPalmTree October 10, 2015
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The most gorgeous, loving, funny and beautiful girly out will ever meet.. She is so astoundingly sexy, every guy she meets falls for her, she loves to party all night long! Corals usually tend to have perfect bums and hands
Corals I her underwear again with a bottle of vodka!!!!
by Coco coco June 9, 2015
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A shy girl. Can be pretty, has few close friends but is nice to everyone. The best way to get close to Coral is to be nice and try to find out about her. Some Corals haven't had a boyfriend until 8th grade.
"Wow, that girl Coral is super nice. But really shy, I'm gonna try to talk to her."
"Make it smooth dude, she'll be interested !"
by Derposprinkles November 18, 2017
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to be Rick Grimes son after Coral killed his mother
Rick: Why dont crabs give to charity?
Coral: Stop
Rick: Because they are shellfish.
(rick gets VERY close)
by meaty-mc'stein-son August 2, 2014
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