1. A flower belonging to the Amaranthus family.

2. An imaginary flower which never fades.

3. A song by the Finnish band Nightwish, which relates to the flower which never fades.
1. Amaranthus blitum.

2&3. Self-explanatory.
by Kurinrin August 23, 2011
Song by the Finnish Band Nightwish. A song from their sixth album.
You: Whats the name of this song?
Me: Amaranth by Nightwish!!
by sparkedforever March 11, 2008
The legendary weapon used by the Warlord Xathrax.
The Amaranth's electrifying power smote his enemies.
by Xalos August 15, 2015
Swedish Heavy metal band, most notable for featuring 3 vocalists each contributing clean female, clean male, and unclean male vocals respectively. Their genre varies, largely consisting of a fusion between melodic death metal & dance or pop music. They're best known member is female vocalist Elize Ryd.
Hey, do you know what genre Amaranthe's new album is going to be?

Are you kidding, Amaranthe don't even know what genre they are. Just chill & enjoy the music you know?
by Sku11King77 October 29, 2018
A wonderful swedish metal band that makes epic music. Their singer is pretty hot,too
"Amaranthe is the best band ever. I love them"
by Jen Kissa April 21, 2017
Noun - A catastrophic collapse of any financial institution, esp. of a hedge fund, due to ill - timed bets against the market by overconfident Traders.
Jerome Kerviel single handedly amaranthed Societe Generale!
by cells January 25, 2008
A Soompi based fanfic clan, known for their unique and heart warming stories.

Also well known for the ever so popular Amaranth Clan AIM chat.

A gang of prissy girls plotting to take over the world.
"I just heart the Amaranth Clan."
by MISTA_ENIGMA October 7, 2005