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A name of an African Ibo girl from the east she is funny crazy sweet loving caring and an amazing person,shes 80% pretty likes to have fun and sometimes a joker but doesn't fall in love easily because she's been hurt so much in the past but when she does she gives it her all he's completely loyal and a wife material doesn't joke with the one she calls her love, Amarachi brings goodluck to anyone she's with, she's totally down to earth and would be a home maker anyone who have her should be grateful
I am so blessed to have you Amarachi for you bring me abundant grace
by Amarjesty July 25, 2017
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Amarachi-/a:ma:rรฆchi/ is a strong,wilful and energetic woman.she knows what she wants and aspire for greater heights. She is naive and witty at times but where you think is her weakness envelopes her greatest strengths
What an amarachi you are!!
by Kahmara September 06, 2018
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A sexy and confident girl. Beautiful but quite senile. She believes she can be anything. She's very picky and likes to dream.
The vice-president has a nickname, it's Amarachi
by AIA..... November 05, 2018
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a name for someone who has a hibitual drug habit, and occasionally breaks into song. also a very cool person.
by A. Nwokedi April 13, 2007
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