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A beautiful, charismatic, energetic, thoughtful, fun-loving, and delicate human being that usually brings happiness to any person around her. She is usually the center of attention, because people are just attracted to the warm energy she gives off. Her smile also brightens up and room she is in.
Amairany is like the Sierra Mountains, you'll always have a gorgeous view.
by James Ol July 13, 2011
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beautiful attractive female, usually hyper, rarely quiet.
fun loving spiritual person.
most likely called the cute one.
by vincent. March 09, 2009
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Amairany is a unique person with a great personality that will cherish every moment with her loved ones and is dedicated to hard work and super intelligent. She’s really bright and tends to be the most loved one with her friends or relationships.
Amairany is super loving
by Vivian Duce October 25, 2018
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