Amada is a loving person amada is always hurt about what other people say about her she try’s to be happy but people put her down so how can she really be happy but other then that Amada really is a fine girlfriend to have she will try to make you happy before she is amada is a thick girl🍑 that all the boys want but she don’t want them cause she got someone she really loves and that’s all that matters to her and though she can be a bitch if you are a bitch and that’s on PERIODT Pooh 💞
I wish I can marry a Amada one day 💍🥺
by Babystarr💍 November 29, 2019
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A lovable young woman who's fun and outgoing. She gets over fights easily and is very cool and relaxed.

She also is a very intelligent woman who is beautiful in every way. inside and
out. She loves people and loves and adventure. She also looks a bit like Jessica Alba.
Amada is so nice.
by RaeRaeRaeRae February 21, 2009
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Amada is a loving girl she fights on what she wants she can be a bitch even if you ain’t being a bitch Amada cry’s a lot cause she feel like she doesn’t matter to anyone she try’s to make everybody else happy even though she ain’t a amada is a really fine girl she thick also every boy talks about her and wants her but she doesn’t want them she only want one boy and she is very cute and anyone would be lucky to be with an Amada.
I wish I knew an Amada

I want to marry an Amada
by Babystarrrrrr November 30, 2019
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Amada just like her tits has a huge attitude. Loves to fight but her glizzyguzzler 3000 is nothing short of a good time for prime time ;) she’s also very loving and sweet
My turn turn with amada
by November 18, 2021
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A playable character from Persona 3. Ken has short brown hair and eyes, and he wears the Gekkoukan Elementary uniform with an orange jacket. He is short as fuck, and even tho he hates milk he drinks it so he can get taller. He is 10-11 years old in Persona 3 and Persona 3:FES, but in P4AU he is 13. His mom is dead.
by ken amada April 9, 2015
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Amada is a caring and loving. Amada is only focused on one guy she hioes he notices het. Amada love neck kisses. She hopes one day HE hugs her and has his hands around her waist and hold her tightly.
by Bruhstarr November 21, 2021
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Amada is caring and loving.Amada is currently focused on one guy.Amada loves neck kisses.Amada hopes one day HE will hug her and wrap his hands around her waist and hold her tightly and never let her go.
I wish I could marry a Amada
by Bruhstarr November 21, 2021
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