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A complete jerk sometimes, but actually really sweet. Mostly short, sometimes acts stupid, but actually knows what he's doing. Alyaans call other people fobs, but doesn't realize how much they are on their own. Chicks just love him!
Mariapia: Awww...he's so adorable!
Gabriella: Right! He's such an Alyaan!
by chicks4u February 03, 2013
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Used for people who think they are so cool but actually are so weak on the inside.
Joe: Look at this guy! he looks so cool

Bob:Yea... He's such an Alyaan
by PotatoLordOfTheSkies March 08, 2017
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Alyaan is a guy who is very nice , good looking and very funny. He makes you feel good after a very troubled day. He is a person you can depend on if things go wrong. An Alyaan is the perfect guy. He incredible at sports and gets the girls. Chicks just love him. He is down to earth but sometimes acts like a jerk...
Girl 1 :Oh my, Alyaan is making me feel weird

Girl 2 : Same me girl.

Girl 1 : Alyaan is the most sexy guy ive ever seen\

by Urbanananaa May 02, 2018
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