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People who come from Spanish heritage. It's earliest descendants are believed to have live in the Cave of Altamira in Spain.
Those Altamirano's are from Spain's cave in Altamira.
by bullyingthebulls July 02, 2010
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A Mexican who is in fact CLEAN and does NOT work in the fields all day, but does enjoy tacos quite a bit and is a MexiRican.
Wow, that chick is super awesome smelling! She must be clean and enjoy tacos.

She must be an Altamirano.
by throwup & whatserface January 27, 2009
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A dirty mexican who is constantly working in the fields. Usually mowing the lawn or making tacos for someone. Commonly found in poor places. Also, one who is willing to trade bobs for hard or soft taco shells.
Dude, i had an altamirano around the house yesterday.

There are so many altamiranos in this resturant. Lets leave.
by Zhangtime May 31, 2007
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