Means 'alternative', often misunderstood for a habit, it is a lifestyle; a group of Nigerian youth with a unique sense of fashion and music. Alté fashion embraces a retro and vintage style, but is some how tagged as "new school". Alté music on the other hand is not mainstream, it is a melodic, whimsy, almost-spiritual groove. The melody and harmony somehow layer over each other, making it a seamless experience in the ear.
I hung out with Ryan last night, he's very much enveloped in this alté music now.
by 808ryan March 25, 2019
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A group of trendsetting Nigerian teenagers who adopt a mix of egdy styles such as piercings, baggy pants, dirty sneakers...they enjoy each other's companies because they tend to get criticized by the 'non_altés'. They are party animals and mostly listen to newage artistes such as odunsi, wavythecreator among others. Most of them also have great appreciation for retro music and fashion trends.
Ola and his friends really appreciate the alté style
by jjjeorge September 18, 2018
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Means alternative. A group of Nigerian youth who are ahead of the street wear/fashion and music scene in Nigeria. Typically known by their different fashion and alternative music. They usually mingle with people with similar interests to avoid snide remarks about their choices such as fanny packs and how market women use it

Typically disliked by the general public because their difference counters the general docile zombified nature of Nigerians. Also disliked by other youth who have tried to understand them, be them but failed. But they have no problem picking up alté habits when it becomes popular.
Jeez these alté people dress annoying, later buys fanny pack and tracksuits

Guy Odunsi's music is so melodic and calm enough to be enjoyed by different types of people, hmmpt so alté
by Tintellect August 26, 2018
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Alté is derived from the word Alternative. It means doing things differently from the norm.

Alté Nigeria is the new community of young, educated and creative individuals that spans both online & offline.

We are attracting non-conformist professionals, entrepreneurs, creators in Nigeria & Diaspora, who wish to Vibe, Network, Unwind and still have a Fulfilled experience amongst Like Minds.

Alté is more than fashion or music. It is a way of life, an identity that says "I am free to try an alternative approach to my goals".

Alté Nigeria not to be confused with Alté Kids is designed to encourage millennials and professionals to come together and mingle either at Alté events or online via the popular social networking website
It's perfectly okay to be Alté about Lagos
by Alté PR Girl October 8, 2019
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Somebody that is different or unique , classy and fashionable in the nigerian pop culture
All the alté kids are going to phase 1 for spazz
by altejesu March 31, 2018
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This are sets of cool Lagos kids like SANTI ODUNSI ZADDY.ADEOTII that dress in well arranged and acceptable manners of the society
You see that beautiful alté kid
by Yungytim May 2, 2019
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Short for alternative,It means to dress or live life according to one's own standards and not to conform to the pressures of societal norms.
Did you see those jeans Jane wore?
Yeah,she's definitely on that alté trend
by nigger2346 September 17, 2020
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