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Somebody that is different or unique , classy and fashionable in the nigerian pop culture
All the alté kids are going to phase 1 for spazz
by felixsnow May 18, 2018
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altes: The typo of lates.
Known to many people I talked on IMs as "lates"
John: aight, night!
Joe: altes!
by iGD May 13, 2005
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A bunch of Lagos kids who wear ugly glasses and oversized jeans with ugly ass t shirts all in the name of being different, they also wear dirty sneakers which is why they look like miscreants. They listen weird music in the name of being edgy but in reality they are all stupid. You might spot them at a party flocking together like cattle, if they want to be mad they show up to motives shirtless.
Did you see those alté kids yesterday?
You mean dirty miscreants? Yeah I saw them looking like destitutes looking to turn up
by catmomjai August 11, 2018
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