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A crued, sexy and hot guy.. He dont take a lot of shit. Hes a pimp in his own way... Loves to fuck, and ALWAYS has some hoes around him. Hes the type of guy who will do anything in the world for you but if you get too close, he'll push you away. But hes an awesome guy. Instead of compliments and sorrow, he will insult you, but only if he likes you. Only if he hates you will he be nice to you. He is usually a juggalo. He is also pretty smart, and usually he's nice. but not all the time.
girl: "Alston is so cool!"
guy: "i know! i wish i was Alston!"
by taytayluvr13 December 21, 2012
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a last name. givin to members of a badass family. a name that is givin to at birth and earned by marriage. respectable. intimidating. a last name to be said with caution you never know who has the alston blood boilin in their vains. trash talking in the same sentence as alston someone will end up with a busted lip.(it wont be the alston)
ssshhh. ssshhh. here comes them Alstons. dont look them in the eye i heard they can see strait to your weakness and will us it againt you. look down. hurry!
by up2no.good21 October 24, 2008
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