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It comes from the Alpha male expression, Alpha males are the individuals in the community with the highest social rank. In other words the guy takes the girl.

As awkward it may seem they are usually the douches who treat everyone like crap. But by doing so they show that they have confidence in themselves, a very rare artifact now a days, thus having something what everyone would appreciate they earn respect.

The Alpha as fuck expression is usually used after you did or you are doing something what would consider you as a douche, but you don't care because you know the golden rule i described above.

But lately people started using it everywhere and on everything.
-I've heard she broke up with you.
-Yeah.. Judith left me yesterday. I told her to make me a sandwich before she packs and leaves the house. Alpha as fuck.

Also if she is blowing you while you are drinking beer and watching sports on Tv you are by definition Alpha as fuck.
by the weasel of change December 02, 2011
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- Saying something is awesome
- saying that you are awesome
Dude, that car is Alpha as fuck

I'm so fucking Alpha

He is Alpha as fuck
by Jabalab May 02, 2011
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