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Alonement: that feeling you get when you start to believe you were just meant to be alone, and you're kinda okay with it, because you know you're abit weird, and the relationships you've been in before have been very hard and sometimes abusive, so maybe this will be the best way for you to enjoy life. Live strong little one
My alonement is really making itself known.

I'm really feeling my alonement.

I've become lost in my alonement.

Is alonement even a good new word? Idk.
by Betacuck June 02, 2018
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The punishment of sins by self-imposed solitary confinement; alone + atonement = alonement
I was like, really naughty, but the alonement I did last weekend to make up for it sucked.
by Evil_Geoff March 20, 2007
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