Alona is someone who is smart and loves kid. She is also one of the best friends you can have. But if you anger her she will rage.
“I angered Alona and she went crazy.”
by turtles34 November 25, 2017
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An Alona is the greatest being alive. She treasures her friends and seems to know everyone. Beware though, if you anger an Alona, her revenge will be swift and merciless. She likes kids shows such as Sailor Moon, and is very huggable. If you become friends with an Alona, you've made a friend for life.
Man, that short girl with the boobs looks so huggable! She's totally an Alona.
by FreddyBenfreibson July 18, 2013
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(1) A common name both in Slavic regions (Ukraine, Russia and others) and in Israel. Its popularity in Israel probably stems from Israel's high population of Russian/ Ukrainian immigrants.

-- Originally a Greek name (derived from the name Ἑλένη – Helénē).

Can also be loosely translated from a Hebrew word 'Alon' referring to the oak tree.
Translation: Oak(a)

(2) A name of a mountain in Greece.
Man: "Yo, beautiful what's your name?"
Alona: "It's Alona."
Man: "That's what I do when I go to the bank!"
Alona: *face palm*

Man2: "Alona, I named a mountain in Greece for you!"
Alona: "You're still not getting laid."
by RJester June 30, 2010
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An Alona is an incredible creature. she has a diverse personality and is kind and trusting but also crazy and funny. You can find the wild Alona in the bare warfare of the dfghnjm,zxcvb school. Alona is a walking meme but in the best way possible. Alonas hangs out with wild saias, luciens, sams, thomas, and few more. her and her aMaZiNg friends are all goth Italians that only wear black. Alonas are sarcastic and know EVERYONESSSSSSS secrets bewhere. she is totally not pointing a gun at my head now. wait what
1.- quick dude! look! its an Alona with her goth Italian friends!
2.- oh no dude, shes maddddddd you better run if you like your life
1.- Dude, alona is so sweet and kind!
2.- Ok, just dont take her food
by IDefineLifeForConvenience December 8, 2019
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Alona? Oh my gosh! She's the most weird, annoying, clingy, sweet, amazing, teasing human being!

I can say Alona is a great prentender because you don't know whether she's really happy or sad. An Alona is expert in wearing mask in order for her to hide her feelings. She is caring and loving but sometimes that's too much of her that's why people think she is too attached.
People don't know that behind an Alona's smile is a sad human. She's the silent type inside their house but the kinda talkative in public.

---When you anger Alona she's the worst beast you'll encounter!

An Alona is an introvert person and also extrovert. When she is close to you and cares for you, then you are lucky creature because she will never leave no matter how many times you leave her.

She won't give up easily and it's inclined to her thinking ability because Alona is a professional overthinker!

But you're doomed when she's the one who will give up. SHE HAVE TRUST ISSUES and trust me you don't like to mess up with her!

Overall you'll be happy to be with her. If you know ALONA, hug her everytime you see her! Believe me she just want love, you don't know what's going on in her life.
"Dude shut up here comes an Alona"
"Oh no! Incoming Alona Mode!"
"Alona, let me give you a hug"
by -Writer--J January 30, 2020
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Alona is an independent and beautiful woman . She is very flirtatious with no relations actually in mind. She is very kind and one of the best friends you can have .But do not anger her .She is also known for her rage
dude ... that girl over there is such an Alona
by chris2sh March 31, 2020
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Alona is a friendly but dont get on her bad side or it will be bad for you she is beautiful kind nice sweet and loving some times she is the bestist of friends i love my bestie
i love alona she is an awsome person
by lona_fella_girl June 4, 2019
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