The main character in Kuroshitsuji II. Earl Alois Trancy is not only an attention whore and enjoys wearing booty shorts, but he also constantly attempts to sex up his stoic, creepy butler, Claude Faustus.

Alois has anger management problems and a short attention span. For most of the anime, he is blabbering his mouth off to Claude about killing Ciel and Sebastian. (Damn him!)

Alois is also a rarely used term used by Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) fans to describe someone similar to the fictional character. His past is very intense and dramatic. Not only does he get extremely happy when his village is burned down, his little brother also dies and he ends up sleeping with a sixty year old man, Lord Trancy. Fun.
Patrick: Holy shit, Johnny! Why are you wearing booty shorts!?
Johnny: Don't you think I look hot in these? -nudge nudge-
Patrick: Such an Alois.
by petriesheep January 20, 2011
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An amazing person, with the most insane diverse personality and skillset, this person is a talented genius!
Jack: You're such an Alois omg!
Jim: Really? Omg thank you so much! I've never been complimented like that in my life!
Jack: Yes!
by CumeFume23 December 4, 2020
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A man who is intellectually superior and rich, but socially inept and kind of creepy.
He may have all the money in the world but will fail at wooing women.

Will probably be desperate to find love but will crash and burn
He has a diamond ring bur no woman to take it. Poor Alois.

Alois Racine from Amnesia: Justine
by papablessup July 23, 2016
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I species of piss baby who doesn't know what gaslighting means. An Alois never stops whining when it doesn't get what it wants. Despite this, it's very easy to love an Alois.
Person 1: *Starts whining*
Person 2: "Stop being such an Alois."
by RealLifeNickiMinaj June 22, 2020
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That savage ass woman you see in Horizon Zero dawn destroying a ThunderJaw
Aloy uses Tearblast arrow and takes off the ThunderJaw’s armor off menacingly
by Miro sama!!~ October 4, 2020
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The most loving pretty person I've ever met and always make me happy <3
by Beidouseyepatch July 12, 2021
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Aloys as in to do an Aloys: #1 to turn up to someones party unannounced, get drunk and leave in the morning still unaware who the host is and what the party is in aid of.

#2 to headbutt someone in the face out of sheer annoyance at their actions.
Aloys: "who are you?"

"im Curtis and this is MY party"

Aloys: "what no, wait, what? i coulda swear you said summit no wait" *barf* "hi im aloys" *barf* "nice to meet you"

"ok then..."
by Aloys187 April 23, 2010
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