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A sacred nut from the beautiful villages of Peru. When used as an adjective, usually used to describe someone extremely lusty/sexually attractive.
Ey punta, pass the almendras!

I don't think she would go for me, girls that are that almendra don't usually go for stoner losers like myself.
by mc-dandan188 August 21, 2009
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A beautiful, smart, kind, and SUPER funny girl that’s anyone is lucky to have in their life. She always knows what she is talking about and always gets an A. Literally every guy is obsessed with her but somehow she blind to it. She’s always the one to crack a joke and keep the party going, even though she doesn’t even try. If you’re friends with an Almendra then you are VERY lucky to have her. And if you are an Almendra, realize that you’re AWESOME!!!
An Almendra brings joy to everyone she meets.
by Gabby_Bella_Gigi December 11, 2017
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A very evil devil no one likes her she has a big asshole and god always trys to make her happy she is a demon👹
Oh no the almendras here
by Funny urban dick tionary March 01, 2017
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almendra is a very pretty girl she has a crush right now he has blond hair and plays sports he's not nerdy but he loves video games if you know an almendra keep them close to you and you never know if that boy is you give her cuddles and make her feel cared for
dammmm look at that snack there goes almendra
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by man use September 16, 2018
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