A Turkish word translating to "German". Still used in Turkey to simply refer to a German person. Within the Turkish diaspora in Germany, however, it has taken on a different meaning in recent years. "Alman" is now almost exclusively used by younger people in Germany to refer to people (not necessarily ethnic Germans) who fit the stereotype of a German person, that is: being mean with money / not being a hospitable host, taking everything too seriously, loving to ride bicycles, getting drunk on beer every weekend, having a terrible sense of fashion (socks and sandals), liking the famously bland and potato-laden German cuisine, harboring covert prejudices toward non-Germans, being a bootlicker to authorities and, sometimes, having blue eyes and blond hair.
"Alman" is not solely used by members of the Turkish diaspora in Germany but shared with every person in Germany who is of non-German origins. Sometimes ethnic Germans who have become aware of the privileges they have as a German living in Germany use "Alman" as a sarcastic self-descriptor to distance themselves from its implied stereotypes and show solidarity with their non-ethnically German peers.
Its corresponding, albeit less popular adjective is "almanhaft".
Person 1: "My neighbor Bernhard has called the cops on me last Saturday because my friends and I were listening to loud music after 10pm."
Person 2: "Ugh! You live in such an Alman-neighborhood."

Alper: "C'mon, you don't have to say thank you for everything I do for you. We are friends after all."
Jonas: "Sorry, I can be very almanhaft sometimes."
by hihowareyou46209 June 12, 2019
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stereotype of a real ass german.
Almans are never late to work.
If they buy you a drink because you forgot your money at home they want the same amount of money back.
<Johannes> thank you for giving me a pice of chewing gum!
<Hans> i wanna have my 0,20 $ back tomorrow.
<Johannes> You fucking Alman!!!
by vortux March 20, 2020
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German people are called Almans (also Potatos) by Turks. Alman means German in Turkish, but is also used as miser (Geier) to describe German people.
Dieser Junge ist ein richtiger alman.

This guy basically asks me for food everyday, but never gives me anything when I don't have food with me. He's such an alman.
by turkishadonis February 28, 2018
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Alman is the Turkish word for german and has become a slang word in Germany. Alman describes the stereotypical attitude of some german people, however not all germans are automatically an Alman. Alman is the Person who texts you at 3 am only to tell you that they gave you 1 cent yesterday and you still didn’t pay it back to them. If you are invited in an Almans house don’t expect them to offer you any food or water. Instead be prepared to see them eating in front of you without offering you anything. A Alman also tries to be law-abiding at any costs even if that means he has to betray his best friend
Annalena: Daddy you are driving too fast!
Daddy: Cmon Annalena don’t be such a

Alman. I am 1 km/h above the

speed limit.
by Alishko23 October 21, 2020
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A willless, government loyal person, who inevitably follows all calls from the established authority.
Michael and Mehmet have become such almans, they are one hour before the curfew already home...

Fatima has become such an alman, she sits on her windowbench and calls the police than someone is outside during the curfew

Hans is such an alman, he measures the distances between the tracks
by CihMcsev January 19, 2021
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The word "Alman" is used to describe a person, who is stereotypical german.
Mostly used to descriminate
What a fucking Alman Achim!
Bro wtf y are u such an Alman?
by Supremil August 26, 2019
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Alman is the most handsome and amazing person you will ever lay eyes on. He is so talented is many ways you wouldn’t even think he’s real. You can’t get enough of his dark almost jet black hair that you want to run your hands through and his dark beautiful eyes that you dream of. He lights up any room with his smile and definitely stands out in a crowd. Everyone deserves to know Alman with his spiritual soul and charming unique traits. He’s also musically inclined and his personality is the most interesting.
Oh wow, did you see Alman today? I need him in my life!
by f&a bb March 21, 2020
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