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Annalena is a girl who has only horses in her head. Her parents have a farm where Annalena has learned to ride. Annalena got several Wenndy Magazines (horse magazines) and loves to read/watch Bibi and Tina (some german girl stuff). She has an emotional bounding to her horses because she has no friends in school. She always blames others for hating her even though she is the one sneaking at others, not showering for weeks and wearing the same damn brown pants for years.
Michael: I like to read books and enjoy nature
Mehmet: Omg, stop beeing such a Annalena
by Alishko23 October 21, 2020
Alman is the Turkish word for german and has become a slang word in Germany. Alman describes the stereotypical attitude of some german people, however not all germans are automatically an Alman. Alman is the Person who texts you at 3 am only to tell you that they gave you 1 cent yesterday and you still didn’t pay it back to them. If you are invited in an Almans house don’t expect them to offer you any food or water. Instead be prepared to see them eating in front of you without offering you anything. A Alman also tries to be law-abiding at any costs even if that means he has to betray his best friend
Annalena: Daddy you are driving too fast!
Daddy: Cmon Annalena don’t be such a

Alman. I am 1 km/h above the

speed limit.
by Alishko23 October 21, 2020