The word "Alman" is used to describe a person, who is stereotypical german.
Mostly used to descriminate
What a fucking Alman Achim!
Bro wtf y are u such an Alman?
by Supremil August 26, 2019
Altman ist der Ausdruck für eine stereotypisch deutsche Person. Die Alman-Ader beschreibt eine, unter Stress stark pulsierende, Ader über der rechten bzw. linken Schläfe. Hierbei wird “Stress” als undeutsches Verhalten gesehen. Die Alman-Ader pulsiert also, wenn einem Alman illegales oder nicht regelkonformes Verhalten auffällt.
Bruder, die Ader des Almans geht los.
Seine Alman-Ader geht ab.
by AlmanSyndrom December 26, 2019
A man pretending to be straight but is actually gay. He also is bad at playing Seige and went to Leicester for no reason.
by XxTachankaLordxX February 26, 2018
Man who falls in love quickly.
He is such a Alman...
Quickly girls run from that Alman... My friend dated a Alman he was so rude...

That Tim is such a sex pest....
That man is annoying he is such a pest he must be a Tim Alman.
by Donchi September 18, 2020
A willless, government loyal person, who inevitably follows all calls from the established authority.
Michael and Mehmet have become such almans, they are one hour before the curfew already home...

Fatima has become such an alman, she sits on her windowbench and calls the police than someone is outside during the curfew

Hans is such an alman, he measures the distances between the tracks
by CihMcsev January 19, 2021
turkish word for "German"
it is used for stuffy German people
often used by imigrants or anti-patriotistic germans self-mockingly to make fun of germans

post scriptum: i know, only an alman would write an urbandictionary entry about this word
"ein echter alman weiß nicht was ein alman ist"
Translation: a real alman doesn't know what an alman is
by heroqbe January 23, 2017