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*she is gorgeous and charming
*has mood swings ALL the time
*Studies are her too priorities
*She will likely ignore you if you ignore her as well
*She is independent
*Smart, not so much funny(well kinda), and musical
*She unconsciously acts cute and charming (why does she not know she is cute?!)

*Some boys already fell in love with her
* She doesn't date unless she really likes you
*She is crazy, most of the time (at home)
*the slightest funny thing you show her will make her laugh
*she's a badass; she can be if she needs to teach someone a lesson

*not quite good at comebacks
* badass but cute

She is one charming girl.
Just treat her well or she'll shoot you.
"You broke my heart, I break yours"
"Dude, Alliah is beautiful"
by Pyschic June 11, 2018
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Beautiful, independent, extremely smart; A fun loving girl who is popular and makes tons of friends easily. Allahs' tend to have a really annoying laugh and quite a temper at times.
-wow, who's she?
- that's Alliah
by timothy sparks June 09, 2014
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A fat girl who is desperate of finding true love.
- You really want to wait until your true love comes to you?
- Yes
- Stop being such an Alliah dude
by DonkeyHorse December 30, 2011
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