Allenby Is a school from kindergarden to grade 6. The full name is "Allenby Junior Public School." It's only in Canada Ontario of what I know.
"Allenby is so crowded!! Theres over 800 people here!!"
by No🖐️ May 27, 2021
When you are nursing your alcoholic beverage and pretending to take a drink but it is actually just touching your lips.
Oh my gosh! Did you just allenby sip! You need take a gulp.
Are you serious?! You're just allenby sipping!
by Kinikki May 21, 2022
Character from G Gundam who pilots the Nobel Gundam. She is one of the best pilots on the series, even though at first she relies upon a beserker system to fight (she gets rid of it later). Her and Domon Kasshu become really good friends in the show.
by Shawn B. October 16, 2003