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The lowest point in your life so far, most likely after a break up and you miss someone because you recalled loved them and we're practically Inlove.
'Dude after he broke up with Sarah he's been on an all time low'
'I know dude, I feel bad for him, Sarah was everything to him'
by XxSophiexXOwlXx September 04, 2016
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The best band ever. For real. You should definitely check them out. They call themselves pop-punk..and they're amazing.

Alex Gaskarth-Vocals and guitar
Jack Barakat-Guitar
Rian Dawson-Drums
Zack Merrick-Bass
(then there are some other sweet people, but they're a secret)

The Three Words to Remember When Dealing With the End (2004)
Put Up or Shut Up (2006)
The Party Scene (2005)
So Wrong, It's Right (2007)
"I totally just found the best band ever on MySpace. They're called All Time Low. If you don't check them out, you're a douche!"

by StxStns&Sarah November 01, 2007
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An amazing band with an amazing singer with amazing songs... that are amazing might i add: A group of sexxi guys who formed together in 2003 to be known as today as the best band in the history of foreverness.
Melissa: "Hey Kristen! What's your favorite band?"
Kristen: "Its All Time Low. Fo'shizzleeee"
Melissa: "Oh yeah. I heard they were like really awesome!"
Kristen: "Well, you heard right my friend."
by Kristen K. February 18, 2008
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amazing pop-punk band.
band members-
Theyre new CD is "So Wrong Its Right".
My favorite song by them is probably "Remembering Sunday"
or "The Beach"
You should seriously look them up.
All Time Low.
by XHaleyXCoreX January 17, 2008
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