If a person wont do it for 'all the tea in china', than they won't do it no matter how much money they are offered.
Johnny: "Hey, I'll give you ten bucks if you eat this cockroach."
Richie: "Yeah right, I wouldnt do that for all the tea in China!"
by Jayy1989 April 15, 2010
Tea is referring to "Truth" shade is like an opinion/diss. When you say this phrase it means you are stating facts, not opinions.
by Lacianga May 17, 2017
Tea is the meaning of gossip and shade is in the form of a diss.
"Girl, did you hear how Raheim said that girls pussy stank?! All Tea No Shade."
by Cii June 11, 2014
A phrase that means the person is coming for and/or attacking someone purposely. The opposite of the phrase "No tea no shade" that basically means "No offense."
Usually said after someone says "No tea no shade" as a way to say that the person is actually trying to offend someone.
Alyssa: What you're wearing is all garbage, no tea no shade.
Coco: All tea all shade!
by lukkie September 5, 2015
When someone is spilling tea while also throwing shade at the person.

Used by Nicki Minaj in her song Barbie Tingz
All Tea, All Shade, Bitch, All Offense
by talktomelikethatagainboy April 17, 2019
The new hot cadi is all the tea. the new hotness in the city
by peopleskills May 6, 2021