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The COOLEST person you’ll probably ever meet who loves SPORTS she is WILD and CRAZY loves partying with friends will randomly start dancing with headphones on loves HANGING with FRIENDS can’t find a better PERSON very STRONG and SASSY loves WRESTLING makes SINGING fun and is FlEXIBLE
I am Aliyaah
by Skate_315 November 21, 2017
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A beautiful, young, caring girl who’s smart and talented in her own way. She doesn’t care if anyone is looking at her when she is being weird. Aliyaah is a very likeable and attractive girl. Guys don’t see what Aliyaah has to offer until they missed their chance. Has a shorter nickname
Friend 1:I wish I could be an Aliyaah
Friend 2: I know right!!!
by Yassssbruhhh May 25, 2018
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