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An amazing girl who likes to have lots of fun with others :D
kind helpful and very friendly.
Wow Shes An Alissia ;D
by OMMNOMNOM! May 31, 2010
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She might be quiet in class but she ain’t no quiet ass person is not afraid to fight anyone has a lot of confidence believe what she says she’ll necer lie to someone she cares about and she doesn’t put her business out so you may think you know her but you DONT a chill ass chick to hang with Gots your back on any and everything WARNING don’t you ever turn your back or lose her she a keeper or you’ll regret what losing her in the future ... like to eat food
You can tell alissia she gots your back
by The worlds voice April 06, 2018
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An Alissia is an awesome girl, too awesome, they tend to be so awesome, that they have an extreme aura of awesomeness that emits from them, leading up to a mile away to nearby people.
Guy 1: Man, that Alissia is so awesome, I just might say hi to her finally!

Guy 2: Banana! Do it!
by SomeoneNeverKnown January 16, 2012
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The origins of the name Alissia stem from Persian roots. Named after the third Persian Princess of the Muhabi dynasty. Alissia is a proud kind, and they tend to be very sarcastic. They like long walks on the beach and Piña Colada's. They tend to have rock-hard abs, and naturally have the ability to do clap push-ups. Natural athlete's, they tend to partake in all types of sports. Physically they tend to have lighter coloured hair, and are quite beautiful. No man can resist their natural beauty. It's been argued that they try to be like Adrian's.

See the term 'Adrian' for reference.
I wish I had Alissia abs.
by Dr. Amazian November 16, 2009
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A girl with a bit of flab on her tummy but she tries her best at everything especially at all the tuff challenges she has to face. She is kind and very funny but she can also be a bit diveous, some mornings she's happy some mornings she's moody. She has a very strong voice and can be very loud, she has a contagious laugh and is a very light sleeper. She is good at making friends and usually catches a boys attension.
OMG!!! Look at that dress it's sooooo Alissia !!!
by Sfhjxdscbjt December 10, 2016
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A rude cold blooded person who is very judgmental and ruins the environment. Really everyone wants her to leave which she should and she’s always in a bad mood
Jacinta: alissia won’t talk to me
Mary Lou: that’s no surprise sure hitler would speak more happiness than that nazi
via giphy
by Lisa butler February 06, 2019
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