A Beautiful Classy Persian girl who stands out above all her peers. Usually spoiled by mommy & daddy, she walks around thinking the world is hers, while men fall at her feet. Her beautiful Persian eyes hypnotize all that come in her presence. She lures people by her glowing charisma and captivates all their attention with her chic sense of humor.

Mainly found in the LA Regions of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Westwood, and the Valley. You can catch a "Persian Princess" eating at one of the trendiest restaurants, clubbing at the hottest clubs, shopping on on Rodeo or Robertson driving around in a BMW or Mercedes. shes gorgeous, with sexy dark hair, and amazing eyes.
you become hypnotized with her beauty and charisma, she really is a true persian princess
by BabaJoon July 25, 2008
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The Persian Princess used to be seen on CNN; she now appears on Fox.
by Jamax November 7, 2009
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An Iranian woman who thinks she's the most beautiful person in the room. She lives in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, or Encino, talks in a sing-song voice, is always ready with a fake smile for the aunties and she sneers at you if you don't drive a late-model German or Italian luxury car. When interacting with other Iranians she pretends to be a virgin but everyone at the club knows she'll open her legs for any black dude that talks like a thug or any white dude that pretends to be a DJ. She dates an Iranian surgeon ten years older than her and she tells him she's saving her virginity for marriage. He doesn't know she's had 3 abortions and the last time she had dinner with him and his parents, she had stranger seed running down her legs. On FB she has the typical "perfect girl" head-tilt pose and on Pornchub she has multiple videos where she's wasted AF letting random frat bros take turns on her.
My friend: Dude don't even approach that Persian Princess. She's way out of your league.

Me: HAHA! Naw dude, Ima just walk up on her and say, "Yo I'm DJ Poon, bitch. Where you stay at?"
My friend: That shit works?
Me: Shit yeah. A Persian Princess can't resist a poser. I'll throw some ASL shit at her and she'll think it's gang signs and next thing you know I'm all up inside her like I'm a plumber cleaning out her drainholes
by Rosemarysbaby666 September 13, 2021
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A woman of Iranian descent, typically residing in Beverly Hills, CA, who believes she is entitled to the world simply because she is beautiful, has a perfect body, and her pussy tastes better than the best dessert.
She's hot, but she's a persian princess... I can't afford to keep her.
by weedheaded January 16, 2007
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