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The prettiest girl in the world with millions of people who look up to her. She has a great personality and is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. At one point snake Paul tried to break her but being the strong person she is she got back up and is now living the best life ever and is staying away from the snake 10 kids.
Alissa is the best human ever

Snake Paul is an idiot and tried to wreck her life

Alissa violet is an amazing person
by Happycowlivingwell October 12, 2017
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Alissa Violet is a Beautiful girl. "Ex-Girlfriend" Of Jake Paul.

Model,fit, beautiful, smart, nice, funny, and intelligent.
by IvyLuvsHerPlushies June 26, 2017
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Person with the best personality ever. She's funny, pretty and has an awesome body. She used to "date" jake paul, that lil winey ass bitch who cheated on her multiple times and physically abused her.
Alissa Violet has a great ass.
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by 12opalaa34 September 17, 2017
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Alissa Violet is a model and social media influencer. She is a former member of team 10 ran by Jake Paul who is hated by many people. Alissa doesn’t let her old Team 10 drama or haters stop her from doing what she loves and being an inspiration to many viewers!
Ashly: omg, its Alissa Violet!

Sophie: She is such an inspiration to me!
by User2947 November 13, 2017
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Alissa violet is the most beautiful girl on earth, not only her features are pretty but also her personality, she is funny, helpful, smart, kind and beautiful. She got recognized when she first started vine with her ex Boyfriend "Jake Paul" a.k.a Snake Paul and later joined team 10, then got kicked out by her ao called "boyfriend" Jake. He lied to everyone and said the reason why he kicked her out was because she cheated, which was a total lie it was the other way around he cheated on her and said she did just so people wouldn't hate on him (which clearly didn't work, well except those 10 year old brainwashed SnakePaulers) She then joined the cloutgang and moved it with Ricegum, Sommer ray, and her current boyfriend Rickey (banks) who treats her like the Queen she is. People say she got famous because of Jake Paul which is so not true, he just introduced her to the internet and then People decided to like her, it wasn't him who made the choice if people like her or not, also Alissa created most of Jake's career, he got millions of views on his videos when Alissa was in them, but when she wasn't in team ten his views went down and lost a whole bunch of subscribers
Girl 1: I met this amazing girl today she's so sweet and pretty and funny
Girl 2: OMG are u talking about Alissa Violet: YES she's amazing
by Furry3 November 05, 2017
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Famously known for dating Jake Paul and stirring up alleged cheating rumors. Self proclaimed comedian and model. Doesn't actually work or do anything. Targets popular groups of youtubers and sleeps with the highest ranking member not only securing relevance but a roof over her head. (For example Jake Paul and faze banks).

Gained her cult following by shading and dissing her ex Jake Paul while gaining more followers for not only herself but her new boyfriend Faze Banks.
Time to Alissa Violet another victim .
by FlowerBomb89 September 27, 2017
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AKA Hoelissa Purple had become the "center" of attention for about 2.5 seconds. She is known for her shit talking about Jake Paul on her social media platforms and is a lazy, narcissistic, bitch that sucks dick for a place to stay. Her boyfriend is a former drug addict and seems to be mentally unstable.
Alissa Violet (Butler) says she has "moved on" but seems to have Team 10 members' names stuck in her dirty ass mouth.
by Logically Speaking September 28, 2017
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