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Jake Paul aka Snake Paul. An untalented 22 year old kid that lives off clickbaits and humiliating other people. His fans are called Snakepaulers.
Snake Paul doesn’t have a Disney contract anymore. :)
by Dolankindness October 14, 2017
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aka: jake paul, if you aren't familiar with the paul brothers...i dont know what to say
"Hey are you a jake pauler?"
"you mean snake paul?! ha, never!"
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by daddyydolan August 02, 2018
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Snake paul is a person who lies and is very similar to the youtube star Jake Paul. If you lie, cheat, backstab, hate, and you’re bossy you’re a snake paul/you are snake paul.
“Ugh, he is such a snake paul.”

“Omg, she is snake paul.”

How could you lie to me! You’re such a snake paul!”
by You’re welcome December 31, 2017
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